Steins;Gate 0 is the sequel to Steins;Gate. There is no anime yet, but it has been greenlit. So this is a review for the visual novel. This will also contain spoilers for Steins;Gate (hard not to), so if you haven’t seen that then go watch it and return when you have.

The story takes place just before the ending of the first visual novel/anime. It follows one of the bad endings of the first visual novel (not sure if correct, I haven’t played the first), where Okabe doesn’t go back in time to save Kurisu. He admits defeat and that he can’t go back. So he continues in that time line where he stabbed Kurisu, thus meaning she is dead.

Since Okabe is in love with Kurisu, he’s distraught and stops being ‘Hououin Kyouma’. He ditches the future lab, destroys the phone wave and stops wearing his lab coat.

The story really kicks off when Okabe meets Maho, an adult who appears to be a middle schooler and is often mistaken for one. He is then pulled into a project named Amadeus, a program that can hold the memories of someone, and then make new memories and act human-like.

The story itself is very good. Some of it was predictable (I knew what happened to Kagari way before it was shown). I liked how the smallest things would change the storyline dramtically, such as answering a phone call will be the difference to being in danger or escaping unharmed. This means that the game must be played again to explore all possibilities and see every possible ending (there are six in total).

The events that occur are mostly unpredictable, which kept me playing the game for hours.  I couldn’t stop playing it, and I enjoyed it so much. I especially enjoyed meeting the new characters. At times, Okabe felt like a completely different character, which made the story so much more enjoyable. It also made him feel like a more relatable character, because even someone like him can be knocked down.

There were also more answers revealed, especially about the third world war that occurs in the future which the current beta world-line is heading to. More was revealed about the time Suzuha came from as well, which makes the series even more interesting.

Overall, the game is very good. It’s definitely a lot better than I expected (I’ve never really completed a visual novel before). I wasn’t expecting to complete it either, since I normally get bored of visual novels and give up. This visual novel is different to the two I’ve played (Steins;Gate and Clannad, both I need to complete), as the character point of view changes throughout the series. It’s interesting to see the story from another character’s perspective, and it also gives the story more substance, as more information can be unveiled.

I can’t wait for the anime, and I have a rough idea of where the storyline will head in that (since it can only really cover the one line).

I haven’t yet achieved the true ending, but I was very close. I still have to go back and explore the other possibilities and endings. The ending I did get left it on a cliff-hanger, probably on purpose so I’d go back and get the true ending.

What are your thoughts on Steins;Gate 0? Leave a comment below!