I just finished watching this anime. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen. It started off quite slow, so I found it a little difficult to get into it, but after about 10 episodes I was hooked.

Now I’ve finished it, I’m feeling exactly how I felt when I finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I hate that I’ve finished it and I really want to watch more. Admitedly, I still have the tab open and I still have to close it – something that might not happen for a while. It was just so good and I love it so much.

Since this is a review, it will contain spoilers.


I loved how unique the story is. I didn’t find it predictable at all, which is very nice. I like to be surprised. Time travel has always interested me, so the idea of a microwave time machine was very amusing. It’s one of the very many things that kept me watching the series.

As the series went on, everything started to make more sense. I started off watching the series feeling quite confused, which may have been a big factor in why I kept watching. I like my questions to be answered rather than left unanswered.


The story also became more and more interesting after every episode, and it got to the point where I was watching it when I was at college. I couldn’t stop watching it. I had to know if Mayuri lived, or how they were going to save Kurisu. I had to know how they were going to fix all the problems they had created by sending D-mails and creating alternate realities.

Although, having to re-watch Mayuri’s death wasn’t exactly fun since she is my favourite character (she’s so adorable!). I do like that she lives in the end, since so many of my favourite characters die and stay dead.


The ending was one of the best I’ve seen, everything was tied up nicely and the special episode was hilarious – giving us another episode of watching the characters have fun and be funny. Even if it ended without this episode, it still would have been a good ending. I wasn’t left feeling disappointed in anyway, which probably contributes to the fact that I don’t want to accept that there are no more episodes left to watch.


Every character is unique in their own way, which is something that really made the whole storyline work. I doubt it would have been as good if it lacked the unique characters. Especially Okabe, I have to admit that he really made the series enjoyable to watch.

I didn’t hate any of the characters, which is unusual because there’s always a character I hate in most anime. However, I can’t think of a character I hate at all. I dislike Kurisu’s father, but he didn’t have that much screentime for me to really hate him.


My ship sailed. Since I was at college when Okabe confessed his feelings for Kurisu, I couldn’t squeal or fangirl like I usually do, however, I did fangirl internally.

The last episode ended perfectly, with Kurisu repeating the lines that she said to Okabe before she kissed him was a very nice way to end the episode. It was just so cute!

It was also a nice surprise too, since I wasn’t expecting any romance of any sort in this series. I don’t know why I thought that, but anyway, it’s probably why I was so excited when my ship sailed.


Overall, there’s not really anything I dislike about this anime. While it did start off a little slow, it wasn’t so slow that I was bored.

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