This has to be one of the biggest fights within the anime community. I will watch either, depending on several factors which I’ll discuss later, but there are a lot of people that will only watch one or the other.

I do personally prefer dub, mainly because I know I won’t miss anything if I look away to reply to a text message or read an email. However, if I find the dub annoying I’ll watch the sub instead. Sometimes there isn’t even a dub to watch, or it’s still being released. I do find it really annoying when things written in Japanese aren’t translated, I’ve recently been watching Beyond the Boundary and the text messages aren’t translated. I can’t read kanji, so I couldn’t read half of what was written. Ja nai desu meant nothing to me since that’s all I could read.

I’ve also noticed how people view subbed as being the best, but in some cases the dub is better. I prefer Fruits Basket dubbed, I just can’t stand Tohru’s and Yuki’s voice in the sub. Tohru sounds whiny, while Yuki has a girl’s voice – which

doesn’t fit him at all. It would be alright if it wasn’t so obvious.
However, I can’t watch Free! dubbed. It has some of my favourite English voice actors in it, but I just can’t watch it. The voice actors just don’t sound good in the dub. I feel like they picked the wrong actors for some characters. I was so disappointed when it was released, since I had been so excited. It’s an anime I have to watch subbed.

Now my own personal opinions are out of the way, let’s go over the pros and cons for both subbed and dubbed anime.
Pros –
⦁ Accurate translation (most of the time)
⦁ Almost every anime is subbed, so there’s more anime to watch
⦁ Anime is released subbed first
⦁ Everything is translated (text messages, emails, signs, names of buildings, names of weapons/moves/powers)
Cons –
⦁ Reading
⦁ Sometimes there are more than one person talking at once, so it’s difficult to keep up on all of the conversations happening
⦁ Sometimes the text disappears too quickly with not enough time to read it
⦁ Sometimes there is a lot of text on screen, for example: one person talking while they’re looking at an email they received
⦁ Sometimes it’s badly translated (I’m sure you’ve seen screenshots of badly translated anime)

Pros –
⦁ In native language
⦁ No reading
⦁ Easy to follow multiple conversations that are happening at once
⦁ Can look away without missing what is being said

Cons –
⦁ Signs, texts, emails aren’t always translated
⦁ Sometimes names are pronounced incorrectly (this is so common and it really bugs me)
⦁ Not all anime is dubbed
⦁ Sometimes dubbed anime is released a year after the subbed is, sometimes it’s not that long after, so it’s unpredictable when a dub for an anime will be released

What is your opinion? Leave a comment below!