First Love’s Suck:

First Love Monster is a comedy shoujo about a young girl named Kaho who moves to the city for school. While she is moving in she tries to help the delivery men which results in her accidently losing a gift from her older brother. The gift makes it’s way down a busy street, and she runs after it when suddenly a truck rushes towards her. Lucky for her though, her knight in shining armour Kanade rescues her from becoming a pancake!




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Kaho instantly falls in love with this mysterious, and handsome stranger. With a few swoon worthy words he runs off leaving her alone. Kaho has decided in this split second that she is in love and must meet him again, of course, not knowing how to find him ends up with her back at her new home. There, as she walks outside a little bit later she learns that he lives in the building complex too and instantly professes her love!


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Kanade informs Kaho that he has a secret, and if she’s willing to accept it he will be hers. What could this secret be she wonders as she sleeps on it, is he wanted, secretly married, or is he secretly rich? Well, turns out he’s in primary school! Kaho in shock agrees to date Kanade still, and so their comedy relationship begins, or lack thereof.



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Kaho spends the whole second half of episode one trying to wrap her head around the fact she is dating a 5th grader. It doesn’t help any that she met his friends and they all look strangely grown- up as well. To make matters worse on her way home from school she runs into Kanade and friends on the playground near their complex, where she is invited to play. Here she gets a dose of reality in meeting “the coolest friend” Kaz who surprisingly looks like a 10 year old boy. But, torture still ensues as she watches a game of “weiner hands” unfold in front of her.



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The show so far is packed full of comedy, and focuses on the fact that age is just a number. Kanade isn’t old enough to know what being in a relationship actually means so he ends up taking Kaho to playgrounds, and to hang out with his strangely adult looking friends. The other characters in the show play off of classic shoujo tropes like the sadist, and shy boy.  It all works well together based on the plot point and creates amazing scenarios that the show wouldn’t be able to do with out half the cast being primary schoolers.



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Later episodes pick different themes and roll with them throughout. Episode four had a strong horror theme, and ran with it all the way to the end. They even used classic horror scenarios with one of the newly introduced characters to push the theme forward. It also introduces the point that things are more dirty to an adult than a child, and have you cringing at yourself for assumptions. The latest episode went with the classic bath house theme, but made it anything but stereotypical, reminding you once again that we are dealing with Kanade’s age..



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Overall, this show is a pretty great pick for this season. It does new things for both the shoujo,and comedy drama.  The tropes in the show are well played off of at all times. The romantic moments that do happen between Kanade and Kaho are generally broken up with the very real realization of the situation they are in. The anime has currently passed the three episode test and looks like it will go strong for the whole season, so if this isn’t one you’ve picked up or you are worried about the strange relationship involved worry no more this is a safe bet for a good comedy anime this summer!

How are you liking First Love Monster, do you plan to add it to your watch list?