Getting the Feels:

Hey you! You look like you may need your heart broken this season, sound like a good deal? Yeah, well we have the perfect anime for you, it even comes from the creators of Clannad.  Planetarian is a dystopian, sci-fi drama show about a robot girl that comes to life for seven days each year. The world around her has fallen, leaving destroyed cities and scavenging humans behind. One day though a Junker makes his way to the pre-war planetarium where the robot resides.


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Each year on a preset day, Yumemi comes to life for a week thanks to the planetarium supplying a small amount of power to charge her.  She has no idea of the world’s decay as the databases she was once connected to no longer work, leaving her in a state of servitude for an empty building in a dead city.


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On the 30th year of her abandonment, a junker named Kuzuya finds her and the planetarium she works in while scavenging alone for goods that he can use to keep him and his group alive. Yumemi addresses him as “Mr.Customer” and offers him to view a show run by her in the planetarium. He tries to reject at first, explaining to her that the world has pretty much ended and there is no need to offer that service anymore. Yumemi can not understand the things he’s telling her and keeps offering to put on a show which he accepts.


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Once inside, Kuzuya takes a seat to rest and eat and also commenting on his dire situation for food. Yumemi scrambles around trying to get everything ready for the show so he can “see the stars”.  When she finishes and goes to present the show she finds that the projector is broken and informs Kuzuya that she has been sending for repairs but nobody has responded in thirty years. He ends up falling asleep while waiting on her to try and fix the projector and leaves promising her he will return.


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Kuzuya returns the next day and learns that Yumemi will shut down in five more days. He then agrees to try and fix the projector so she can “show him the stars” like she so badly wants and is programmed to do. The show becomes about the relationship between them and Kuzuya’s interest in her simple way of thinking.  He goes to work on fixing the projector finding various walls as he goes along due to the years that have passed without proper maintenance.


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The show is a slow-paced drama about a dystopian interaction between a torn junker and oblivious robot. It has lighthearted moments and is filled with bittersweet moments for you to hang on too. The anime is only five Hey episodes long and has just completed its run. If you’re looking for a slight tear-jerker then this is the perfect show for you, it’s short and to the point but will leave a lasting impression on any anime fan that gets the chance to watch it.

How are you liking  Planetarian, do you plan to add it to your watchlist?