Starting over from Highschool:

would you do if you could take a pill and live through high school again?  Not going back in the past, but a new high school with new people.  Would you take this opportunity? What if it came with a guaranteed high-paying job if you completed a year of using the pill?  These are the questions Re: Life asks its main character, Arata. He, of course, accepts the terms of this contract.


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Well I should say drunkenly accepts, see Arata is a 27 year old neet who has no job and lies about it to his friends. He is down on his luck, just failed a job interview, and his parents are cutting him off for good.  Along comes Ryo of the Re: Life company who offers him the opportunity to take the pill with all of his living expenses paid for the year and a job afterwards. He debates a little and goes to get drunk with his friends, so drunk in fact he ends up taking the pill that night anyway. With no way to turn back immediately he calls Ryo and reluctantly restarts high school as a senior.


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So the only catch to this whole thing is he can’t let anyone find out about the Re:Life project or his age, which he almost screws up on the first day when he is found with cigarettes in his backpack earning him a lecture from his teacher. With his first flop, he makes the other students question how reputable he is and he gets to a very slow start at making friends. But don’t worry, it turns out Ryo attended school last year as a highschooler and is in his class to keep an eye on Arata.


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As the days go on he starts to make friends with the students sitting around him. Especially since he failed the first test by a huge margin and they take pity on helping him out. Along the way he picks up quite a few friends reminding him of the fact they are going to forget all about him in a year. Oh, did we mention that everyone else’s memories are getting wiped of Arata at the end of the school year? This project is strictly for Arata to become a better person and anyone else involved won’t have to find themselves questioning why the young Arata they knew just disappeared.


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The show likes to touch on the fact that Artata started out a proud person and slowly earned himself a bad reputation. The relationships he is shown making throughout the show are very real and show his progression as a character who didn’t want to try hard, especially with doing something like going back to school. There is always the matter that everyone, but him, will forget all about the times they shared, leaving him alone.


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Overall this is a very solid watch, with all 13 episodes already available for streaming. The show is considered to be more on the drama/comedy side of anime. It’s a nice laid back story that will keep you interested enough to keep watching.  So if you’re down for a break from action, sadness, and in-your-face comedy the anime season has to offer, be sure to pick up Re:Life.


How are you liking  Re: Life, do you plan to add it to your watchlist?