Along with the rest of the summer anime, Zestiria has found itself right at home in the anime community this season. Tales of Zestiria is originally a game for the Playstation systems released last year in Japan.  The game is a JRPG from a huge series known as “Tales” which, like Final Fantasy,  have differing stories that are all based in fantasy settings.  Zestiria is no exception with its fantasy world being based around the Seraphim which can only be seen by the main character and a few other select characters throughout the game.


In the world of Zestiria, Malevolence is the evil force that drives chaos in the world. Every 1oo years or so a Shepard is picked to fight malevolence and seal it a way for a bit so the country can have peace. This time, however, no Shepard has shown up leaving the world in a state of distress.  Enter Sorey, a young boy who is living with and adopted by Seraphim which can only be seen by him.  He is obsessed with old tales of the Shepards and spends most of his time rummaging in ruins with best friend Mikleo where they find a girl named Alisha.

Sorey rescues Alisha from the ruins and takes her back to his village to recover, where of course she can’t see any of the townsfolk.  There he talks with her about an upcoming festival where a sword is put on display to be pulled by a potential Shepherd each year.  Enthralled, he decides to leave the village shortly after she does to visit the human world for the first time, of course Mikleo tags along as well.  They set off to the Sacred Blade Festival in hopes of learning more about the Shepard.


Upon arrival to the festival things end up going amiss and Sorey pulls the out the sword revealing he is the Shepherd.  Upon doing this he becomes able to see Lailah who is the seraphim referred to as “The Lady of the Lake”. She begins to guide him on his journey to help clear out Malevolence from the land by restoring the Lords of the Lands to protect the towns.  Most of them have turned into rampaging monsters, known as Hellions, requiring a fight to return them to their senses.

On the journey, Sorey encounters and befriends Seraphim to represent each major element.  This includes a lolita-dressed girl named Edna who has the power of earth who they meet on the way to the top of a mountain where her brother has been turned into a dragon.  Dragons are known for being the point of no return for a Seraphim so Sorey in exchange for Edna’s help agrees to look for a way to save him.


Alisha is lost shortly into the game as she has to return to Hyland to help with diplomatic issues betweenthem and the warring county of Rolance.  Sorey has to travel to Rolance where he ends up running into his last party members, Rose and Dezel.  Rose is the leader of a guild of assassins and Dezel is an wind Seraphim that is needed to help Sorey in his quest.  Upon their commitment to the adventure the story gets its actual start leading to the major events in the game.

What is your take on Tales of Zestiria, Do you like how the anime’s going so far?