This genre definitely draws fire for being provocative but what’s anything without your guilty pleasures? These Harem animes are definitely worth checking out. Harem animes if you do not know,  are animes where the main character  is usually surrounded by the opposite sex.

6. Trinity Seven
Asami, a mage sent to investigate phenomenon, gives Arata choices of handing over the book or dying. Arata chooses the third option. enrolling in the secret magic school Royal Biblia Academy.Of course at this Academy there are beauties waiting on him, Seven to be exact.  Each with their on skill, power and beauty.

5. To Love-Ru
Love-Ru depicts Rito’s struggle against crazy chaos which all starts because of Lalas late arrival. With a growing Harem of beauties trying to stop his attempt at confession love to Haruna, Love Ru is a nice little romantic comedy full of goofy humor and hot ladies with plenty of pervy moments.


4. High School of the Dead
It all started when the fire nation attacked….whoops wrong show. It all started when the dead begain to rise in Japan and everything went to hell. Takashi Kimuro is forced to kill his best friend when he gets bitten. He protects Rei Myamoto the girlfriend to his best friend and they narrowly escape and join other beauties in effort to escape the dead.


3. Date a Live
This brutally strong task force is ready to exterminate spirits with extreme prejudice. Shidou does not agree with this. He then discovers peaceful was to stop the Spirits, by making them fall in love, so he dates those who threaten the world to protect it!

2. Rosario Vampire
The supernaturla school comedy Rosario Vampire has the main character Tsukune’s romantic exploits on display for you to see. Join Tsukune’s romantic exploits, experiences, and misadventures with plenty of beautiful and dangerous anime babes. But it’s a fun watch all the same!.

1. Highschool DxD
Issei must train and fight while adjusting to his new reality of a world of violent angels and devils. A realm of adventure leads to many hilarious and pervy moments with his new comrades, at the same time while keeping his new life secret from his family and friends in this popular  Harem Anime.

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