For some odd reason, Clannad received a movie adaptation. If you’re a fan of Clannad, I highly recommend you avoid this film. If you haven’t seen Clannad (anime series) then I’d recommend not reading this until you have, it will contain spoilers.

The film was released before the TV series, and I’m so glad I watched the TV series before the film. If I watched the film, I’d probably not bother watching the series. I hated the film, I was bored and I couldn’t connect to the characters at all. It lacked character development that was necessary.

In summary, the film is awful. It’s probably the worst anime film I have seen. Not only did it rush the two seasons of Clannad and tried to squeeze it into the one film, but it was poorly done. They changed Nagisa’s death to some crappy one, and I didn’t cry. She died in hospital and it was just so badly done.

There just wasn’t enough time for the film to work. Considering that the visual novel is really, really long and contains several story arcs. There’s just no way it can all be condensed and put into a film and still be successful. This just leaves the characters under-developed and the story rushed. Arcs would have to be cut (and they were), characters removed (Fuko was removed, if I remember correctly), and it can only focus on two characters (Nagisa and Tomoya).

The film was just a bad idea, and it’s not a surprise that many Clannad fans don’t know about it. It failed, so no one is talking about it. I can’t even remember how I found out about the film. It shouldn’t have been made, and there should only be a TV series adaptation. Clannad is just too large to squeeze into an hour and a half film. So it’s no surprise that it wasn’t good.

Especially since it’s so bad compared to the TV series and visual novel.

The artwork was horrendous as well. It didn’t look good at all. This made me hate it even more.

The ending was awful too, considering it just ended before the whole Ushio arc. So Nagisa never comes back, Ushio never dies. That’s it. A crappy cliff-hanger end. This is really what let the film down. The reason why I believe Clannad (TV) is really good, because it’s ending is brilliant. There wasn’t a decent ending for the film. It was unfinished.

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