I recently bought this game and I have been playing it a lot, so I thought I would review it. Firstly, the game is fun, especially with friends. It’s also not too difficult, as long as you keep your level high enough and level up your character properly.

Although, the game is more of an experiment until you learn what to do, in the beginning I concentrated on magika and ignored improving my health and stamina.

The quests are fun, and they’re not too tedious to complete. Though occasionally some quests require going around in circles and talking to the same people over and over again, or the game will glitch up causing your character to keep talking to the same person so you can continue to the next part of the quest.

Another bad thing about the game is one quest requires you to light things on fire, and you have to do it quickly so the other flames don’t burn out. This reminds me of a puzzle in Ni No Kuni which required me to do the same thing.

The game isn’t too glitchy, I’ve encountered a few but nothing too bad to ruin my experience completely or put me off the game.

The character creation also allows you to create a very unique character. I really like this as I hate games that have limited customisation choices, I like the freedom of making my character look however I want them to.

The graphics for the game are also very nice, although areas sometimes seem too similar. I wish it was a little more unique compared to other MMORPG games, and I wish it looked more like the other Elder Scrolls games (Skyrim in particular).