With the end of Bleach that has just come about, the Age of the Big Three seems to be coming to end. It started declining with the end of Naruto, but it has received its final blow and now stands on it’s last leg, One Piece. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, here’s what the Big Three is. The Big Three is the amalgamation of the top, most popular Shonen anime and mangas that have been around for the last couple of years. The Big Three mangas are One Piece, Bleach and Naruto. People liked to throw in other mangas to make it the Big Four or the Big Five but it never really stuck. Naruto ended two years ago, and Bleach just recently ended. It’s safe to say that the Era of the Big Three is pretty much over. One Piece, no matter how long it will be, cannot take on the responsibility of the other two and carry the Age by itself. It’s over. While it is a sad thing to say, it is none the less the truth. But, I am content with all the happiness, joy, badassery and fanservice each of these great stories has delivered to the entire world. Though One Piece, the last of the Big Three has yet to end, we can assume that this Age has ended.


But what now? One Piece, Bleach and Naruto were the basic front faces of the new age of the anime industry. They were the Shonen animes, the ones most people could watch and relate something one. The ones that, for the most part, everyone enjoyed at one point or another. And now, it’s hard to believe their almost all gone. So what do we do now? What is the next Era of Anime? What mangas are going to be the next Big Three, that everyone can enjoy just like the previous Big Three?2

Honestly, I don’t know. I do have some speculations but that’s all they are. I can not accurately predict which mangas will be the next Big Three Shonen animes. But I will give my speculations, in hopes of predicting the next era. Some mangas that I believe will be part of the next Era of Shonen Animes, and possibly a new Big Three are Black Clover, My Hero Academia and Nanatsu no Taizai. As of right now these are the only three I can think of. If more Shounens surface to create a new Era, it would be fantastic. But for right now these are the only two with potential that I see right now. Attack on Titan is part of the new and old era but in reality it’s not a Shounen. I know it’s categorized as a shounen but it’s got some dark shit in there. But who knows, I may be wrong.


The Era of the Big Three has ended. They were our heroes, they cheered us up when no one else could. But, with its demise it opens the door for more possibilities. They just have to jump out and grab those chances, and in doing so these new animes will create a new era that will be remembered throughout history just like the Big Three.