I randomly bought this DVD, mainly because it included time travel (which I’ve been slightly obsessed with since I finished watching Steins;Gate). Overall, the film was so enjoyable to watch, and I loved watching it so much. It has actually taken my favourite film spot (and replaced Howl’s Moving Castle).

The main thing that made this film so good was the characters. I loved Makoto, she was such a unique and interesting character that I enjoyed watching her interact with other characters. She was so funny and made me laugh a lot.

I also liked Chiaki, and I shipped him and Makoto a lot (and since this sailed, it made me enjoy the film even more.

The storyline itself is very good, I never once felt bored throughout the film. The story includes several twists that I didn’t see, so it was enjoyable to watch something I couldn’t predict.

This film is also very funny too, especially with Makoto leaping and then rolling into things. This was made even funnier when she’d re-appear rolling into a room and then this would repeat. I have to admit, that I re-watched the Karaoke scene a few times due to finding it so funny.

At times this film did get a little confusing, with when things happened and how far Makoto went back (mainly towards the end of the film when she’s trying to undo what she’s done). I’ll most likely re-watch this film a few times and maybe it will make more sense overtime.

The only predictable thing about the film was that Makoto’s actions were going to result in something bad happening (which is very common in anything that includes time travel). While I’d normally hate this, but since it’s similar to Steins;Gate I can’t hate it.

However, this film is very unique as Makoto can only travel backwards through time and has to leap to do so. I liked how her powers had a limit, while this only revealed towards the end. This meant that she had to use her power sparingly if she wanted to undo the mistakes she made.

It’s pretty realistic in the sense that if someone had this power they would use it for their own gain, which is exactly something Makoto does. She makes mistakes, which makes her a more likeable character and relate able.

I’d definitely recommend that anime fans watch this if they haven’t already.

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