We all know that Fairy Tail has no shortcomings on ass pullery. Whether it be the powers of friendship, a random newfound power, or just some straight up bullshit, Fairy Tail characters seem to get out a lot of shit. The latest chapters are no different. Why you ask? Well before you get spoiled let me warn you that I’m going to be discussing the latest chapters of Fairy Tail. You have been warned.

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ERZA CANNOT PULL THAT SAITAMA SHIT. She isn’t the strongest hero, she isn’t bald, she can’t beat monster and villains with one punch. So tell me why is she going to attack a meteor head on and think she can survive that shit. Like no man just no. Don’t even get me started with that bullshit from two chapters ago where Eileen took Wendy’s body through magical reversal bullshit, just to have her ass kicked in the very next chapter, And as for Eileen’s death, I honestly do not give a fuck. Her character was quite bland and confusing. I get what Hiro Mashima was trying to go for, but he just ended creating a shit character, that provided useful background info. Brandish turned out to be a straight bitch possibly being a worse character than Eileen. All these characters seem to be haphazardly put in and quite confusing. Indeed, Gildarts served his purpose of being a Shanks-Ex Machina and stopping the last threat before Zeref himself. And, the utter crap that was set up for the next chapter was so predictable and useless. Gray, who is severely injured, is the first to meet Zeref and obviously this is setting up some power of Friendship bullshit to resolve the final conflict. With the latest chapter, it seems that Fairy Tail is picking up though. I really hope that Gray actually dies because that would provide a lot of depth and character development to the story.

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Fairy Tail is nearing its end and I must say this arc is bit better than some other arcs in past. Of course, Mashima is setting this up to end with Friendship and quality Fanservice.

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