Aren’t we getting to great and meta for this shit. Magi is really stepping it’s game when it comes to magical powers and set up for its last arc. Because goddamn. Sinbad and Aladdin’s powers are really becoming too overpowered. Starting from the last few chapters when Sinbad … just wait for it. Well before you get spoiled let me warn you that I’m going to be discussing the latest chapters of Magi. You have been warned.

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So Sinbad is basically god now right. He rules over the Sacred Palace, basically making all and any rule he wishes. Yet it seems that the current conflict stems from his shortcomings as a human. The conflict that we are leading up to is certainly going to pull out all the stops. Sinbad versus Aladdin and Alibaba is going to be epic. I truly believe that Sinbad is only being stopped by his own moral and human thoughts. The ruler of the Sacred Palace should easily be able to deal with two Magi and Two Jinn users pretty easily. Yet It seems as if Sinbad is giving them a chance to stop him and fix everything. While it may not be his true intention, it seems like the endgame that the story is going towards. And, I really like this ending style. They aren’t having an all out brawl with Sinbad. They are reasoning with him, they are trying to deal with each other while still trying to power each other over. I just hope they don’t go in the wrong direction.  

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The climax of Magi is shaping up to be amazing. I really hope this train keeps going along and they don’t pull any bullshit out of nowhere to ruin this epic climb to a fantastic finale. Aladdin’s powers as a Magi seem to be grand and amazing, while Sinbad’s powers seem to have the potential of infinite power while being limited only by his own downfall as a human. I do hope that they get to animate this last arc because I’m sure it will really be amazing.

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