I’m a massive The Sims fan. I couldn’t help but be really disappointed when I first played the Sims 4. I was disappointed when I played the Sims 3 (mainly due to the very many bugs I encountered, which was a big difference when compared to the Sims 2), but I couldn’t stand TS4. So many features that I love were removed, the customisation was taken away and was replaced with what was used for TS2 (you were stuck with what’s available, whereas you could alter the colour and patterns for clothes, furniture etc. In TS3). Babies can’t even be picked up and carried around, which is something that was possible in TS2, so why not 4? Toddlers were removed and babies would immediately grow up into children. I do hate toddlers in TS due to how difficult they are to look after in comparison to babies, but it’s more realistic if they exist.


One thing I liked about TS4 is how easy it was to alter the body in CAS, just simply click what you want to change and drag, which is so easy and fun to do. I also liked that pregnancy tests are a thing, which means it’s a lot quicker to find out if your sim is pregnant, and that electricity, water etc. Would be turned off if bills weren’t paid which is better than a repo man turning up and removing belongings.

I found the cheats limiting though, but there’s one cheat I found hilarious which is the cheat that allows you to turn your sims head into an object. I’d do this with my TV and it would make my TV larger, so I’d then grab it from my sim’s head and move it to where I wanted it and then I’d have a bigger than normal TV. Very cool, right?


I didn’t like the house limit in TS4, or the loading screens when leaving the house, I loved the open world in TS3 even if it did make the game unplayable at times (due to it making the game run slowly, but with the use of mods this isn’t an issue anymore). If a few fans can make mods to fix the bugs, then why wasn’t this done for TS4 and then the open world could be kept. I only dislike TS4 because the features I love were removed, and they even removed features that were in TS2. So why would I play a game in a series that lacks features that are included in it’s predecessors? It doesn’t help that Origin gave away every TS2 ep and sp for free, so why play TS4 when you can play TS2 for free and get more features?


However, TS4 was amazingly bug-free. Maybe I didn’t play it long enough to encounter any, but I’m fairly certain I encountered bugs very quickly in TS3 when I first played it. This wasn’t enough to keep me playing though, I got bored very quickly and went back to playing TS3. Luckily I didn’t pay for TS4 and used the 48-hour trial from Origin instead.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this game, but I would recommend TS3 or TS2 (which is free from Origin, I think).

So what did you think of TS4? Leave a comment below!