I recently read a weird manga called Yakushoku Dispiari-Gesellshaft Blue, and I must say it’s pretty f*(&$d up. It has some pretty cool ideas, and certainly some interesting twists on others. Do I recommend you to read it? No, not really. You can if you like some dark depressing shit, but I just wanted to talk about this manga.


Its starts out as your typical shonen setting of a fantasy realm as one might imagine. You have a group of people trying to defeat a main antagonist, and this group consist of certain archetypes. You have your main character, Truza, and the others. But in a 5 or 6 short chapters this relatively innocent looking manga takes a dark and fu*%$d up tone. It’s so rapid that you can’t believe what you are reading.


Pretty innovative, taking the literal meaning of certain tropes with added sick twists. When I read this manga, it has a pretty good few chapters but slowly declines afterwards. I’m sticking with it because of its sheer awesomeness but the plot, to me was a tad bit confusing.



The art style is albeit a bit weird but at some points they have really well drawn scene for this type of sadistic shit. Some of the transformations are pretty badass as well. If you have time, go check out. If not, no problem. I wasn’t dying to recommend this one, i just wanted to talk about it