I’ve been playing Project Diva for a few years now, and I don’t play it as often as I used to, I still know some tips and tricks to make the game easier.

First tip is to keep practicing. I used to be awful and I couldn’t even pass a song on easy. But I kept practicing until I could. It took me over 100 tries to pass the Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku on F 2nd. So if you keep trying, then eventually you’ll be able to do it.

Learn how to use both hands, especially for songs on Extreme. I wish I had learnt this a lot earlier on, since I found it very difficult to break the habits I had made while playing. Like with my previous tip, this does require a lot of practicing. While I don’t particularly like using both hands, it does make passing extreme songs a lot easier compared to playing it one handed.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44oprjCTSdc – I used this video to practice, and it made it a lot easier to learn!

When the double button appears several times in a row (where you have to press a shape button and the corresponding arrow button), you can hold the directional button and it will still count. From what I’ve heard, this doesn’t work on Future Tone but works on the other games. I picked this trick up when I played the old PSP games on my computer, and I found it easier to hold the arrow button down on my keyboard and press the shape button. I’ve used it ever since and it makes Project Diva so much easier.

It’s more of an easter egg rather than something useful, but when there’s a chance time you can hit the star with both analog sticks or use to fingers on the screen (depending on if you play on Vita or PS3/4), if the star is full you can view the regular ending rather than the chance time ending. I found this by mistake when I was playing Kagerou Days on extreme, I was trying so hard to get the chance time that I accidentally swiped the screen with both fingers and I was certain I got the chance time so I was confused as to why I got the regular PV.

If you want more Diva points, the best way is to find a song you’re really good at (on the hardest difficulty possible) and apply a challenge item (or 3 if you’re playing F 2nd). This allows you to get more Diva Points than normal, and is an easy way to collect points if you’re trying to buy all the outfits for the Vocaloids.

So what tips and tricks did you already know? What ones do you know that I didn’t list? Leave a comment below!