This is a review for both series of the anime. This will contain spoilers.

I have mixed feelings on this anime. I love it, but at the same time I hate it. I hate how Root A ended, but I love the storyline and all the action.

It has an interesting storyline and interesting characters. Although, I did find myself feeling confused in places.

I hated Kaneki at first. He was so annoying and whiny. I lost count of how many times I would think that he needed to grow some balls. For a ghoul, he was pretty pathetic. Until the end of the first series that is. I love white-haired Kaneki because he was so badass, it’s a shame he didn’t appear in Root A that much.

My favourite character has to be Hide though. He’s just so adorable. Admittedly, I didn’t want to accept he died and I convinced myself he was unconscious until my friend told me that he was dead. It’s not fair, he didn’t deserve to die.

I love how different every character is, they’re all unique in their own way. Despite how short the series are, there’s still plenty of character development.

I love how the story develops throughout, slowly more and more information is revealed which made me excited for every episode. Even though it doesn’t follow the manga towards the end, it’s still really good. It’s one of the few anime series that’s good despite not following its source material.

Although, I really disliked how the ending of the episode was after the end credits, so I missed quite a bit of Tokyo Ghoul due to this, as when I see the end credits I leave to watch the next episode of a different anime. I’m not really one to keep watching until it shows the next episode preview.

I missed quite a lot of important information, so I was confused when my twin would discuss what had happened and I would have no idea what he was talking about. I think I realised that the end of the episode was after the credits towards the end of Root A (I had two episodes left to watch).

I still don’t know what’s happened after the end of Root A. There is no season 3 at the moment and Root A finished airing quite some time ago. I was expecting for there to be a third season after several months of Root A ending, since the gap between the first and second season was very small.

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