What would you do to get your hands on an adult version of Pokemon? A lot of people have talked about how amazing it would be to have an R-rated Poke movie come out of Hollywood for years now, but sadly GameFreak isnt likely to let that one slide easily. That’s where we come in with a brand new manga set that has just finished it’s run in America titled Tomodachi X Monster.

Tomodachi X Monster is a parody of the monster collector genre set in modern day Japan. The manga is targeted at the adult audience of manga readers with the horror genre inspiring it as much as monster catching its a very strange read even coming from manga. The series focuses heavily on aggression and violence amongst the creatures and their trainers creating a very dystopian fantasy.


The hero of the story is named Narimiya Wataru a sixth-grade student who’s had trouble making friends and experiences extreme loneliness. Narimiya hears a strange voice while sitting in class that beckons him to follow it to the mountains outside his town. There he finds a strange purple monster that supposedly wants to be his friend that he names “Peke.”

Peke starts following Narimiya everywhere and it’s quickly discovered that no one else can see Peke. Well, other than kids that have monsters too which he quickly learns the next day when confronted by a young girl with a snake-like monster named Shinozaki. Shinozaki challenges him to a battle quickly revealing that whatever his monster feels he does as well.

As it turns out when you befriend a monster your body becomes one with it and whatever happens to it often happens to you as well. The manga quickly after this turns into a horrorfest of kids killing one another through their monsters for no other reason than wanting to.  Leading to a confrontation with a group of kids who all have friends that want Narimiya to join them.


The manga from there goes into how friends have linked to their heart as well as your body and they change you emotionally. The more time you spend linked to them the more your emotions numb and you lose your humanity. They are also shown to have abilities like Pokemon moves and evolution furthering the parody aspect of the series. Taking it down a familiar path that fans will love.

Overall, the series is a short trilogy that doesn’t take much time to read. Most of the pages are action based so it’s not word heavy. The mangas are produced by Seven Seas Entertainment with a solid translation.