Anime openings are sometimes the first thing you see when you watch an anime series. If an anime has a good opening, I do find that I am more likely to binge watch it than an anime series that has an opening I don’t particularly like. I watched the majority of Tokyo Ghoul in a day due to its amazing first opening.

Anyway, here’s my own personal top 10 list of anime openings!


10 Blue Exorcist Opening 1

I love this opening so much, it took me a while to get into it but when I did I couldn’t stop listening to it. I was very upset when it changed, and to this day I still don’t like the second opening.

9 Bleach Opening 15

This opening makes me cry for no reason other than it is the final Bleach opening. It’s so catchy and sounds happy, but I still get tears in my eyes when I hear it. It just reminds me that there’s no more Bleach (if they don’t continue the anime). I’m fairly certain I would replay it several times as I got closer and closer to the end of the series. The video that went with the song was so bright a colourful, which definitely made me like it.

8 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 4

I had this opening stuck in my head for days, and I fell in love with it instantly. I don’t really listen to it that much now, but it’s definitely one of my favourite openings. It really fits in with all the action that’s going on in the episodes it’s in.

7 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 1

I know it’s FMAB again (ha) but I really love this opening. I have to admit that I still listen to it a lot now, and I sometimes put it on repeat. It’s definitely my favourite opening in the series, and I definitely prefer it to the others. I wouldn’t complain if I had to listen to it in all 63 episodes of FMAB. I have to admit that I was upset when it changed to the second opening, and it’s the main reason why I didn’t like the second opening as much as I would if that was the first opening instead.

6 Bleach Opening 13

I loved this opening as soon as I heard it. I also really like the band too, since they have done quite a few opening songs that I like. The video that goes with the song is very appealing too, and since I was used to analysing music videos at the time for my Media A Level, I found it very interesting to watch. Also, Gin.

5 Tokyo Ghoul Opening 1

This opening is definitely a favourite. I can sing along to it (it’s not that difficult though), and I listen to it a lot with my boyfriend (and heard him sing along to it). It’s also one of the very few songs with a translation I like.

4 Naruto Shippuden Opening 3

I hated the second opening so much, that when I heard this there was no way I couldn’t like it. I still listen to it now even though I first heard it almost a year ago. It’s so catchy, that I found myself singing along when I learnt the words.

3 Fruits Basket

I wasn’t too keen on this at first, but I slowly grew to love it as my love for the series grew. I definitely prefer the Japanese version and I will admit to knowing the words to both the English and Japanese (which isn’t a surprise considering how many times I’ve rewatched this series). It’s so relaxing to listen to, and contains all the feelings felt throughout the series.

2 Mirai Nikki Opening 1

I loved this opening enough to use it for my Media AS Level music video, which I got an A grade for. This opening fit the series so well, and it’s definitely one of my favourite openings.

1 Naruto Shippuden Opening 16

I sing this song too often. It’s definitely my favourite anime opening, since I was in love with it as soon as I heard it. I think I’m still on this opening … maybe that’s why I haven’t finished Naruto yet.

So what are some of your favourite anime openings? Leave a comment below!