I love Vocaloids, there’s just something about them that interests me. I spend a lot of time listening to all the different songs sung by my favourite Vocaloids, so of course I’m going to end up having a few that I love. So here’s a list of my top favourite Vocaloid songs.


1- When The First Love Ends – Hatsune Miku

This is probably the first song that I fell in love with. The song is so heartbreaking (when you read the English lyrics, unless you can understand Japanese). As you can probably tell from the title, it’s about a first love ending, and the lyrics capture the feeling pretty accurately. It’s pretty catchy and very calming to listen to.


2- Leia – Luka

This is a pretty dark song, but it’s definitely one of my favourites. The song is about a painter who paints a picture of a girl and falls in love with her. He ends up burning the painting and killing himself. Even the music itself portrays how dark the song is. Luka’s voice fits the song perfectly, and before I heard this song I wasn’t too fond of her.


3 – Rolling Girl – Hatsune Miku

This song became a favourite when I read the English translation. After reading it, I realised that I related a little bit to the lyrics.

“A lonely girl mutters “I’m fine”, have words failed her?
A failure, a failure.
Obsessing over her mistakes makes everything spin again!”

This song is very dark. From research, I still have no idea exactly what the song is about as the lyrics are very vague. Some believe it’s about bullying, some believe it’s about depression and suicide (something I believe due to the final lyrics being “stop breathing, now”) or both.

Either way, it’s still a very powerful song.


4- Glow – Hatsune Miku

This song uses Miku’s Dark Append, and it works brilliantly. It creates the correct tone for the song. With that aside, the song itself is beautiful. I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. At first, I wasn’t even sure it was Miku since it didn’t sound like her normal voice bank (which I was used to, and this was before I had even heard of Miku Append).

This is another song that I relate to, which adds to why I love it so much. The whole song just fits the meaning perfectly, and it’s a song where I haven’t been surprised when I’ve read the English lyrics. There is nothing about the song that says it’s happy, it just screams sad and hurt.


5 – Meltdown – Rin Kagamine

This song is very catchy and I love it so much. I don’t know exactly why I do. This is the very song that convinced me that Rin is my favourite Vocaloid. I listened to this song a lot while I was completeing my A Levels at school, it’s surprising that I still like it due to the fact that I was miserable during that time.

This was the first song that I looked at an English translation for, and it was the first song that gave me an idea of how dark Vocaloid songs can be. I’m pretty sure one line is about strangling someone. Definitely doesn’t match what I had in mind when I first listened to it.


6- I Like You I Love You – Rin Kagamine

This song is just so cute. It’s not a very well known song (I think) and I don’t know how I stumbled across it on YouTube. It’s just so adorable.


7- Acute – Kaito, Miku, Luka

I’m not a big fan of Kaito’s voice bank (his V3 I can just about tolerate), but when he sings with Luka it sounds nice. It sounds less robotic-like when he sings a long with Luka (and with Miku when they all sing together). I used to despise this song because of Kaito’s voice.

I first heard this song on Project Diva F, so I had to listen to it a few times to complete the game. Over time, I ended up liking the song.


8- Break it Break it – Meiko

This is probably the only song sung by Meiko I like. Her voice sounds really nice in this song and it works really well. I’m not sure if another Vocaloid’s voice could work as well. I have tried covering the song with Miku’s Dark Append, but I haven’t yet finished it.

This song is well made. Meiko’s voice sounds really nice, I haven’t liked her voice in the other songs I have heard that use her voice bank.


9- Odds and Ends – Hatsune Miku

I was shocked at how amazing Miku’s voice sounded in this song. It really shows how talented Ryo is, and how nice a Vocaloid can sound if someone knows how to use them. I’m pretty sure none of Miku’s Appends were used, I tried researching it because I couldn’t believe that her normal voicebank sounded so real.

The song itself is beautiful. The whole song, the music, the voice and the lyrics.


10- Tell Your World – Hatsune Miku

This song is so catchy. I love this song. I don’t really know what to say about it, I just like it because it’s really catchy and it gets stuck in my head.





So that concludes my list! What are some of your favourite Vocaloid songs? Leave a comment below!