There are so many anime couples that I ship together, most don’t actually end up together (sadly). They either end up with someone else, or no one at all. So here’s my personal list of 5 anime characters I believe should be together.

1. Ichigo and Rukia – Bleach

I don’t hate Ichihime, and I shipped both Ichigo and Rukia and Ichigo with Orihime. However, I wish that Ichigo and Rukia ended up together. I felt that Ichigo and Rukia had more chemistry, they fought and then Ichigo would do anything to protect her. But (spoiler alert) Kubo thought otherwise and put Ichigo and Orihime together in the end.

2. Orihime and Ulquiorra – Bleach

I shipped these two so much. They would have been perfect together (ish). It’s more of the fact that when (spoiler alert again) Ulquiorra died and reached out towards Orihime which really convinced me that they should have been a thing. I think that’s what really made me cry at Ulquiorra’s death.

3. Gin and Rangiku – Bleach (Again, I know, but this anime has so many couples that should have been together)

(Spoiler alert) The scene where Gin dies really makes me cry, not only am I watching my favourite character die, but I’m watching my ship sink at the same time. I really started shipping the two around this time. If he didn’t die, I’m sure the two would be together. These two had also been friends since they were young, so they have a long history together. Damn it, Kubo, why do you sink my ships? (The below picture almost made me cry when I saw it…)

4. Akira and Amon – Tokyo Ghoul

Yay another ship that isn’t going anywhere. But then again, what ship has sailed in Tokyo Ghoul? These two are adorable together, and it’s obvious Akira has feelings for Amon, and that he may have feelings for her too. Why can’t they be together?

5. Roy and Riza – Fullmetal Alchemist

These two should have ended up together, and I really wish they did. This is the ship I shipped the most while watching FMAB. The ending would have been millions of times better if there was an adorable proposal (maybe not as funny as Ed’s) at the end between Roy and Riza. This is one ship I really wish sailed, but I guess I have to accept that all I have is fanfiction to confirm their relationship. Damn it.

So what are some anime couples you wanted to end up together? Leave a comment below!