Anime are full of various different powers, ranging from Geass to Sharingan to Death Notes. I have decided to create a list of my top 5 anime powers.


  1. Geass – Code Geass

This is first on my list as it can be very powerful, but it really depends on what you get. A Geass can even result in your own death if it’s used too often, which isn’t the best power. Though, if you’re lucky enough to get a good Geass, you can be pretty powerful with it (like Lelouch), or you can be a dick like a certain someone (would say, but I’m trying to keep this spoiler-free).



  1. Contractors – Darker Than Black

Contractors have different powers, however there is a small price to pay for using it. I remember one character who hates smoking has to smoke once he’s used his and has to do that every time he uses his power. Doesn’t really seem to convenient, but a power is a power, and these powers are still cool. Especially Hei’s.


  1. Zanpakuto – Bleach

These are technically not powers, but each Zanpakuto has their own ability. Allowing some soul reapers to be stronger than others. Since a certain soul reaper is able to put everyone under hypnosis and control what they see, I count this as a power. I’d love to have a Zanpakuto – as long as it was good and didn’t cause me to create a giant spider or something horrific. If I could choose, I’d have Byakua’s or Rukia’s Zanpakuto since theirs are so cool.


4. Death Note

This little book can kill everyone you know… as long as you have their face in mind when you write their name. This notebook is very powerful, and can be lethal when in the wrong hands (*cough* Light Yagami *cough*). While it does have its restrictions, it’s still very powerful. This notebook doesn’t just kill, but it also has the power to control people (as long as it results in the person’s death).


5. Sharingan – Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden

This is at the top of my list mainly because of Itachi and Sharingan look really cool (especially Itachi’s). I definitely prefer the Sharingan to the Byakugan and the Rinnegan – which looks super creepy. With this power, you can put people under a Genjutsu and mess with them, or control them. It also improves reaction time, allows the user to see chakra, greater clarity of perception, copy almost every jutsu that the user sees. I wouldn’t want to fight someone if they possessed Sharingan.


What are some of your favourite anime powers? Leave a comment below!