There are several anime series that deserve a second season, so I decided to name a few in a list.


1- Claymore

After the conclusion of the first series, it leaves viewers to their imaginations as to what the characters get up to. Knowing what happens to them afterwards would fill the void. There is so much manga material that can be covered now, and I think the manga has also ended. Though I wouldn’t complain if a reboot was made which then covered everything in the manga.


2- Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket ends unfinished, there are still a few Sohma family members left to meet, and a lot more story to cover. Due to the differences between the anime and manga, and the crucial bits of information changed or left out completely, a continuation of the anime will be very difficult. Although, not impossible – Black Butler managed to get a third season after the dreadful filler second season.


3- Ouran High School Host Club

This anime does end on a good note, and doesn’t leave the story completely unfinished, I still believe it deserves a second season. So much more happens in the manga, which they can easily cover in more seasons of the series.



4- High School of The Dead

The anime didn’t quite cover everything, and I feel like it was left unfinished. It has been a while since I watched it (a good few years now) so I can’t really remember the ending that well. I’ve also noticed how a lot of people want a second season.


5- Deadman Wonderland

I have only seen the first episode of this anime, and chose to read the manga instead because the anime doesn’t cover the entire manga storyline. If they made a second season, I would actually watch the series.


What anime series do you think deserve a second season? Leave a comment below!