I really enjoy funny anime. The funnier an anime is, the more likely I am to enjoy it. I love laughing. So here’s my top favourite funny anime.

1 Nichijou

It’s kind of obvious that this anime is going to be on this list, it’s hilarious and it’s popular for that exact reason. There’s no storyline, it’s just a bunch of funny scenarios. This makes it great for me to watch at college, because it doesn’t matter if I go weeks without seeing an episode. It also doesn’t matter what episode I watch either. This anime is hilarious. I love Professor, Nano and Mr. Sakamoto, they’re definitely the funniest in this anime.

2 Kill La Kill

I wasn’t expecting this anime to be funny, but it was and I was thoroughly happy about that. It made an ecchi hilarious, which is one of the few ways for me to find an ecchi enjoyable to watch. The silly humour lightened up the dark storyline, and I enjoyed every minute I saw of it. I’d definitely watch it again. Kill La Kill is about a girl called Ryuko, who’s trying to find out who killed her father. She meets Mako and stays with her family while she attends school. The school is led by Satsuki, who ends up being Ryuko’s rival.

3 Ouran High School Host Club

This anime is the funniest shoujo I’ve seen. I’ve rewatched this so many times, and it’s still hilarious. The Tumblr posts make it funnier as well. Where it lacks story, it makes up with comedy. This funny anime is about Haruhi, who wanders into a room looking for somewhere quiet to study but finds the host club instead. Haruhi then ends up knocking over a very expensive vase, which the host club demands Haruhi to pay back. Being a poor commoner, Haruhi is forced to become a host.

4 Heaven’s Lost Property

This was the first funny anime I ever watched, kinda. I watched the first few episodes as that was all there was on YouTube at the time, and then a few years later I finally got around to watching the whole series. This anime is so immature, and if that’s your sense of humour then it’s hilarious. This anime is about a boy (can’t remember his name) but he somehow gets Ikaros, an angeloid who can grant wishes and the weirdness just goes from there. From flying panties to panty robots, this anime is very funny and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

5 Gintama

This has to be the funniest anime ever. It mocks other anime, as well as the magazine that publishes the manga series, and there’s a Dragonball parody at some point. This anime can be watched in any order, although some episodes include the same story. The story seems to be an episode only thing, from what I’ve seen there isn’t a recurring story like other anime series such as Death Note, Attack on Titan etc.

So that concludes this list! Are there any anime I missed out? Leave a comment below!