I’m certain that most Otakus have seen a really messed up anime. I certainly have, and some of them have scarred me. So I decided to put together a list of anime that are pretty disturbing and messed up, so you can check them out or avoid them. The list isn’t in any particular order, and this is entirely my own opinion.

1 Elfen Lied

I watched this anime because it was gory. I wasn’t expecting how gory it was at all, and how scarring it was (especially towards the end). Elfen Lied is an anime about Diclonius, mutated humans with pink hair and horns. They have a weapon, invisible arms that can stretch metres and cut through anything. This is the cause of most of the gore.

However, that’s not what makes this anime disturbing and scarring. I did start to feel a little sick after witnessing some very gory scenes, but it’s the themes of abuse that scarred me. Towards the end of the anime, it gets more and more messed up.

2 Mawaru Penguindrum

While it’s not as messed up as other anime I’m mentioning on this list, there are scenes that were a little bit questionable and messed up. *Tiny spoiler alert* Considering there’s almost rape scenes and a child broiler (where children die). This anime appears to be funny and cute, with its penguins and humour, but it really does take a dark turn towards the end.

3 Another

This anime wasn’t super disturbing as others on this list, but it was dark enough to creep me out at times. Especially all of the dolls. Some of the deaths were pretty disturbing, especially at the beginning. The umbrella death scene was very disturbing.

Although, this is to be expecting since this anime is about a cursed class where students randomly drop dead due to an extra student. It’s really no surprise that it was slightly messed up.

4 Corpse Party

This anime is just weird. I had to look away at times, it just disturbed me. Though it’s to be expected, it is called Corpse Party so you should expect it to be messed up and very dark.

5 Killing Stalking

While this isn’t an anime and it’s a manhwa (and I honestly can’t think of another anime that I found disturbing). I had to give up after a few chapters, it was too disturbing for me to read. I love yaoi, but it was just too messed up. It was disturbing enough to actually frighten me. Killing Stalking is where a stalker manages to get kidnapped by a crazy psychopath murderer. He’s tortured by said psychopath. That’s all I know about it because I gave up reading it.

That concludes this list! Do you agree? Did I miss any anime out? Leave a comment below!