1 Steins;Gate

This is the first on the list, mainly due to how much I love this series. It’s got everything from good storyline to good characters. It’s one of my favourite anime and it’s surprising that not many people have seen it. What’s not to love about a microwave time machine? Tuturu ~

2 Code Geass

This is another example of a brilliant anime that isn’t super popular. It does have a big following, but not big enough to be considered mainstream. This anime is about a boy named Lelouch who gains ‘geass’, a power that allows him to control people (however there are limitations). This anime has two decent seasons, with one of the best endings I’ve ever seen. I’m not as excited for the third season mainly because I’m worried they’ll turn the best ending ever into the worst and I’ll end up hating it like I hate Death Note (love/hate, I don’t completely hate Death Note. I hate the ending and the fact that my favourite character died).

3 Fruits Basket

This anime was one of the first I saw, and it’s a really good anime. It’s definitely one of the best shoujo I’ve seen. It’s also my favourite manga series. I don’t know many people who’ve seen this anime, and I don’t know anyone who’s read it all. This series is about a girl named Tohru, a girl who recently lost her mother and was forced to move in with her paternal grandfather. Work is needed to be done on the house, so she’s forced to move out temporarily. Due to her not wanting to be a burden to anyone, she buys a tent and lives in it. She is then discovered by Yuki and Shigure, whose family, the Sohmas, owns the land she’s living on. The Sohma’s are also plagued by a curse, causing 13 members to transform into the animals of the zodiac + the cat.

4 Mawaru Penguindrum

I only know one person that has seen this anime, and that’s my twin. I told him to watch it. No one else has heard of it or seen it. From what I remember, it’s good. The ending was confusing, but it didn’t leave anything unanswered (from what I remember). The penguins didn’t offer much to the story, but they did help brighten it up when it turned extremely dark. Mawaru Penguindrum is about a family, Hiromi and her two brothers. Hiromi is allowed a day away from the hospital, so her brothers take her to an aquarium. She later collapses and dies, only to be revived by a penguin hat. This causes the brothers to begin to search for the penguindrum.

5 Darker Than Black

I haven’t finished this anime, but it’s good. It is confusing story-wise, as it doesn’t give away a lot of information early on. I only really like it because I ship Yin and Hei. Darker Than Black is a series about contractors, humans that have powers but when they use powers they’re forced to pay a price like smoking a cigarette or lining rocks in a certain way. Hei is a contractor named Black Reaper, who does missions for the Syndicate.

So did I miss any anime? Let me know by leaving a comment below!