I love Pokémon, and there are so many to choose from. So, out of all the 802 Pokémon, what are my top 5? I’ll be taking into consideration how powerful they are, as well as how much I like their appearance.


1 Mew

Mew is so cute, and they have been my favourite Pokémon since I saw the first movie. I even have a t-shirt with mew on it. Mew can also learn any move, which makes them incredibly useful.

2 Vaporeon

I almost chose Sylveon to be my favourite eeveelution, but Vaporeon is a lot stronger – from what I’ve experienced. Vaporeon can learn surf, which is powerful and incredibly useful. This makes Vaporeon the most useful eeveelution, in my opinion.

3 Blaziken

I don’t think I’ve had a weak Blaziken. They’ve all been really powerful. The torchic I got on X with speed boost is incredibly powerful, especially now as it’s a Blaziken.

4 Xerneas

A lot of people hate Xerneas. Mainly because it’s a fairy type and so many Pokémon fans hate fairy type Pokémon. I don’t understand why, since it’s a very good type. All my friends that I’ve battled hate Xerneas due to me being able to take out their entire team out. It’s a little bit trickier now, since they know to bring along a poison or steel type. I absolutely love my Xerneas, it’s definitely the strongest Pokémon I own. It’s not even level 100 yet and its stats are incredibly high, especially compared to my level 100 shiny I got from an event.

5 Pikachu

Pikachu is the very reason why I didn’t hate Pokémon completely when I was younger. I hated the series, but I couldn’t help but find Pikachu incredibly cute and I was unable to hate it. Pikachu isn’t a strong Pokémon, so I never have one on my team. It’s a shame it’s difficult to get a Pikachu that’s as strong as Ash’s in the anime.

So that concludes this list! What are your top 5 Pokémon? Leave a comment below!