I made a list about popular anime I dislike… so I decided to make a list on popular anime that I do like.


1- Attack on Titan

I really enjoyed this anime, while it did take an episode or two for me to get into it, I did end up bingeing it as I couldn’t stop watching it. The animation was great and the storyline was very interesting and unpredictable.


2- Naruto Shippuden

I started watching this because I wanted to see Itachi (yes, I skipped the first series). I didn’t expect that I’d end up loving the series as a whole, rather than just enjoying it for one character. Though, I am getting rather annoyed with the amount of filler towards the end of the series, I still can’t deny how much I love Naruto Shippuden.


3- Bleach

Before watching this anime, I had heard a lot of bad things about it. A few of my friends told me it was boring. Then my twin started watching it and told me it was good, so I then began watching it… Bleach is now one of my favourite anime. From the art style, to the characters and storyline, there’s only one thing I dislike about the anime – and that’s the filler.


4- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This anime is popular for a reason, it’s really good. It’s probably one of the best I have seen. I haven’t enjoyed watching an anime as much as I enjoyed FMAB. I’ve even watched this anime in a day and a half, I doubt I’d do that for any other anime with more than 50 episodes. I’m ashamed that it took me so long to finally get around to watching it. (I’ve also written a review about this anime, you should check it out: http://animuverse.com/fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood-review/)


5- Death Note

This anime isn’t one of my favourites, but I definitely view it as a good anime (although, I’d recommend the manga instead of the anime). It was one of the first I watched, and it’s the main reason why I love anime so much today, so how can I hate it? The storyline is very unique and I really liked not knowing what was going to happen next.


What are some popular anime that you like? Leave a comment below!