I love shoujo anime and manga, so I decided to make a list of my top 5 shoujo anime. I’ll probably make a list on shoujo manga later, since some manga series either have no anime adaptation or the one created was awful (*cough* Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu *cough*).

If you don’t yet know, shoujo is anime/manga aimed for young teen girls.


  1. Fruits Basket (dubbed and subbed)


This is an anime about a cursed family, the Sohmas, who turn into animals from the Chinese zodiac (plus the cat) when they’re hugged by the opposite gender. Tohru’s mother died before the anime starts, and she ends up living with her paternal grandfather (her dad is also dead). Her grandfather’s house is being remodelled, so during this time Tohru lives by herself in a tent. She doesn’t realise that she’s living on Sohma land, where she ends up being asked to move in with her classmate Yuki Sohma and his relative Shigure Sohma.


This is a very good anime, it’s very funny and is very calming to watch. I’ve re-watched it several times and it’s still one of my favourites.


2. Kimi Ni Todoke (subbed only)


This is an anime about a girl, Sawako, who is unable to make friends due to her appearance. Her classmates call her Sadako and believe she can summon ghosts, because of this they’re terrified of her. Kazehaya is popular and admired by Sawako, so they become friends when he begins to talk to her.


I can’t remember how I found out about this anime, but I loved the anime from the first episode. It’s very cute and I love the characters in it. I haven’t seen season 2 since I decided to read the manga instead.


3. Ouran High School Host Club (dubbed and subbed)


This is an anime about a student named Haruhi, who unfortunately breaks the Host Club’s vase that they were planning to auction. With an 8 million (correct me if I’m wrong), Haruhi is forced to pay off the debt by working as the newest member of the Host Club.


This anime is hilarious, and is one of my favourites. It’s cute, which isn’t a surprise since it’s shoujo. The ending isn’t very satisfying (if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean), but overall, the anime doesn’t end in a bad place and leave things feeling incomplete like other shoujo.


4. Say “I Love You”/ Sukitte Ii Na Yo (dubbed and subbed)


Mei Tachibana doesn’t have any friends due to her old friends leaving her when she was younger. She accidentally kicks Yamato Kurosawa who happens to be one of the popular boys in the school. After this, Yamato keeps on insisting for her to call him, each time she turns him down. However, one evening after work, Mei is being followed by a stalker where she’s forced to call Yamato after her mother won’t answer.


I watched this anime in a day, and I loved it. It’s very adorable, and the storyline is interesting.


5. Kamisama Kiss/Kamisama Hajimemashita (dubbed and subbed)


Nanami and her father are evicted from their home, and her father abandons her. Nanami then saves a man and tells him her story, where he offers her home to say thanks for saving him. When she goes to her new home, she discovers that it’s a shrine.


I’ve only seen the first season, but I’ve read most of the manga. This is a very good shoujo and I don’t think it includes any shoujo clichés.


What are some of your top shoujo anime? Leave a comment below!