I love shoujo manga. If I’m reading manga, I’m most likely reading shoujo. I’ll rarely read anything else. I’ve read a lot of different shoujo manga series, I’ve finished quite a lot, whereas some I haven’t due to them never being updated, or not updated enough so I forgot what was happening.

This list is based off of my own opinion.

  1. Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu


This is one of the first shoujo manga I read, and is one of my favourites. The anime series for it sucks, they skipped the first twenty chapters which included very important character development, and it only had two episodes. I gave up after five minutes and decided it wasn’t worth watching.


Tsubaki loves doing people’s hair, but she can’t do her own. She’s starting high school, and she meets Tsubaki who has long hair which she ends up cutting. From then, he decides to mess around with her for revenge, and tries to get her to fall for him.

2. LDK



It has been ages since I’ve read this and it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s a very good manga. I can’t remember characters’ names, but I know the main character’s best friend confesses to the main male character, who then rejects her. The MC ends up sharing an apartment with the MMC, and she begins to fall for him.

3. Orange


This manga made me cry. I read this while it was still ongoing, and I caught up when it got really sad, so every new chapter would make me cry. It’s a very unique shoujo manga, and is one of my favourites.


Orange is about Naho who receives a letter from her future self, and her goal is to save Kakeru who is no longer with her and her friends in the future.


4. Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet


This manga currently doesn’t have that many chapters, but it’s very good so far. It’s a little clichéd, with the whole ‘moving in with ridiculously good looking man’, it’s still good. Then again, most shoujos are clichéd.


Oono Fumi is kicked out of her home due to her father’s debts, and ends up moving in with an author to work as a housekeeper.


5. Crayon Days


This manga is slightly different compared to the usual clichéd manga I read. The main character draws, and moves to an art school in Tokyo to pursue her dreams. There she meets a popular boy who is very talented and develops a crush on him.


I started reading this manga recently, while it’s not one of the best I’ve read, it makes this list due to how original it is. I haven’t read a shoujo manga about drawing before, so this was interesting to read.


What are some of your top shoujo mangas that you’ve read? Leave a comment below!