The Sims 3 has quite a few Expansion Packs (EP). So what are the best ones?

1 Supernatural

This is one of my favourite EPs for TS3. It offers more possibilities for your sims. The vampires have been improved, you can be a fairy or a witch. The only downside to this EP is the life span of some supernatural creatures, but if you don’t like it there’s a mod that changes their life span to a normal human one (which is what I prefer).

2 Pets

I love pets, and I love the addition of horses. Pets was one of my favourite EPs for TS2, so I was definitely excited to have it for TS3 as well. It makes the game more enjoyable for those who love animals. The only downside to this EP is that the pets aren’t as autonomous as they are in TS2, so you can’t just forget about them and let them do their own thing. They’re more like Sims in TS3.

3 Late Night

I love the celebrity system, it allows my sims to get free things for the small price of being harassed by paparazzi. This EP also added in apartments, but they’re only available in the world that comes with the EP, I’m not sure if you can place them in other worlds.

4 World Adventures

I know this one isn’t as popular, as it only offers very restricted holidays (I personally prefer Bon Voyage from TS2, but this is as close to that as I’ll get for TS3). Going through ruins is sort of fun, but it’s so risky and I’ll only put my sims through it if I’m fine with them dying.

5 University Life

I loved the university EP for TS2, and I have to say I prefer the TS3 EP. You can get several degrees, and you have ages to decide whether you want to send your sim to uni or not. In TS2 you could only send them to university if they’re a teen.