I love anime openings, but sometimes there’s that second opening that can’t beat the first and I end up feeling so disappointed that the opening has changed. So here’s my personal top 10 list of second openings I hate.

1 Blue Exorcist

This opening just couldn’t beat the first. I was so upset when the opening changed, and I’m still not a huge fan of it now. I don’t mind it now (which is several years after I first heard it), since I did hate it a lot when I first heard it. It’s not the worst second opening though, there are definitely a lot worse.

2 Mirai Nikki

I don’t remember this opening at all. I think I skipped it after I listened to it once. All I remember is that I hated it. Then nothing can beat the first opening.

3 Attack on Titan

This opening wasn’t awful, but I didn’t enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed the first one. I don’t know what it lacked, but it definitely lacked something that the first opening had. I can sit through this opening, so I don’t hate it that much, but it’s not an opening I’d listen to now. If I was watching the anime then I wouldn’t skip it, I just wouldn’t find it on YouTube to listen to.

4 Toradora

The first opening wasn’t amazing, but at least it was entertaining to sit through. I just couldn’t stand the second opening. I was really surprised when the opening changed, because I wasn’t expecting Toradora to have a second opening. I’d heard of the first opening (funny misheard lyrics), but I hadn’t heard of the second one at all. I just assumed there was only the one opening.

5 Tokyo Ghoul

It’s technically not a second opening, because it was for the second series, but I’m going to put it in this list because I hated it. It was awful. I skipped it after putting up with it a few times. The first opening was soooo good, and I expected that Tokyo Ghoul ­√A would have an awesome opening too. I was extremely disappointed.

6 Naruto Shippuden

The first opening was great, and then the second opening happened. I think I started listening to it and then skipped it. Just no. My brothers like to mock how much I hate this opening by playing it or reblogging it on Tumblr so I have to see it. I hate this opening so much.

I think second openings are destined to be awful. Death Note’s second opening was so bad that it’s good. That’s one of the few second openings I like.

What’s an anime opening you dislike? Comment below!