The animuverse offers so many new movies consistently, its hard to keep track of them all and thats why we made a little list of personal favorites. Check these out when you run out of anime to watch and tell us what you think!

7. The Anthem of the Heart

Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda, or Kokosake for short, is a story about a traumatic incident for Jun. Her emotions were hidden away by a weird egg fairy and her ability to speak vanished. Shes now a quiet teen who would rather go away period. But her life is about to change for the better with love, friends and music in her heart.

6. Tokyo Godfathers
One Christmas Eve, three people who couldn’t be more different from each other find an abandoned baby. They then seek to find the babies parents and this ends up being ridiculously hard. They then find themselves in a series of odd and unique events.

5. Memories
This movie is a collection of stories that all had different directors. Magentic Rose is the story of love and loss. Stink Bomb has humor on the problems with war and what they can do to people psychologically. What ties these stories together is the idea of memories and how much they define a person.
4. Millennium Actress
Chiyoko meets a mysterious stranger who she falls in love with. She decides to follow him outside of and inside of Japan and makes hit movies one after the other. Millennium Actress tells the life story of Chiyoko while showing us about recent Japanese Events.

3. Spirited Away

Spirited away is a classic story by Myazaki where a little girl stumbles onto the spirit realm. To save her parents, she has to go and find her way around in a weird exciting and scary world. This one is a classic everyone must watch.

2. Akira
The story is set in a future that is not so distant anymore where modern Tokyo is suffering from the after-effects of World War III. Its streets are ruled by tough biker gangs and the government is being under constant attack. To top this chaos off, psychic powers start emerging and now everyone has to fight for their own right to live

1. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the shell, just…watch it okay. There is not much else that needs to be said.  it’s a futuristic movie where human body parts are enhanced and replaced with advanced technology. ‘What does it mean to be human?” This and other phylosphical questions are asked by the movie as well as the show. What is the worth of free will? Along with great action, watch this movie its so good.

Have some thoughts on what are the best Anime movies? Tell us in the comment section below and we might add them in the future!


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