Gurren Lagann is known for many things, like giant robots, epic space scenes, and a fantastic story of overcoming your fears and fighting for what you believe in no matter how the odds favor you. On top of amazing animation and over the top characters Gurren Lagann had exceptional emotional scenes, and of those we have picked the five that most stood out to us.

5. Kamina finds his Dad

Kamina's Father
Early on in the series Gurren Lagann shows us just how hard it can gut punch your feelings with Kamina building up the story of his dad going to the surface and leaving him behind. During a fight Kamina discovers a skeleton and comments about the person being a loser and wanting to be nothing like him, only later to discover that skeleton was his father’s. Through this Kamina learns to be a more caring person, only after a few manly tears are shed.

4. Kamina’s Death

The infamous seventh episode of Gurren Lagann throws every new viewer for a loop. The Great Kamina is killed in battle, causing our real protagonist Simon to have to take full responsibility for the movement his big bro started. Kamina held together a ramshackle group of people fighting for their freedom and his death halted their progress for a good bit due to no one being prepared to lead in the despair he left behind. He lived as a hero, and even in his last moments he sought to guide Simon to the man Kamina knew he could be.

3. Simon Becomes a Man

After Kamina’s death Simon was basically just going through the motions. After several arguments and   stressful moments Simon and crew are attacked again by beastmen. After several people are nearly killed Simon finally breaks through his fears and stands up to fight as Kamina did. In a fantastic display of his resolve to stand against any enemy Simon recites the words of Kamina and asks Who the Hell his adversaries think he is, Simon shows that he is capable of beating up bad guys better than anyone else and Team Gurren gets back on track thanks to his actions.

2. Realizing Lord Genome is a Good Guy

Lord Genome is the overall villain of Gurren Lagann’s first arc, and generally seems to be evil beyond belief throughout. When Simon finally. Arrives to face him he is shocked to find out Lord Genome has a weapon similar to his and even fights similarly.  Lord Genome eventually reveals he once fought for the same ideals as Simon does but ultimately lost to a entity known as the Anti-Spiral and to protect humanity agreed to suppress them with beastmen and sent humans underground. Lord Genome urges Simin to leave things as they are to protect humanity and Simon declares he will continue forward no matter what he faces. Later on in the final battle against the Anti-Spiral Lord Genome even sacrifices himself to give Simon a chance to turn the tide of battle and causes a victory for Team Gurren.

1. Nia’s End and Simon’s Disappearance

After all was said and done Simon and his love interest Nia are shown during their wedding ceremony. After cows are said and a kiss is shown, Nia begins to break away in pixel like shapes. The cast is all shocked aside from Simon, who calmly explains that he and Nia knew this would happen after the defeat of the Anti-Spiral due to her having been created by them. All of Simons freinds watch as his love fades away as his final reward for all his sacrifices for humanity. He then walks away from them all proclaiming he will be fine, and never sees them again. In the final moments of the anime afterwards we see an old man version of Simon watch as a new generation of heroes fly off to fight a new threat.