I love this anime. It’s one of favourites, mainly because of how adorable Taiga is and how adorable Ryuuji and Taiga are together. It’s hilarious, and a nice anime to watch. I watched this very quickly and was sad when I finished it. It wasn’t as bad as the time I finished FMAB (I refused to accept I had finished it), which was lucky.


I had heard of this anime ages ago and I watched the first few episodes a while ago but for some reason I didn’t continue. Which I regret, since it’s so good.

The storyline is unique for a slice of life, shounen and romance. It didn’t have any cliches (that I can think of), and it had very good character and storyline development. I loved watching Ryuuji and Taiga slowly fall for each other, despite starting off having crushes on the other’s best friend.


I really love how every character is unique. Taiga is probably the most interesting to watch (mainly because she’s so adorable). Kushieda is very amusing too, I love her quirkiness.


This anime is so bright and cheerful, so I can’t help but feel really positive when watching it. I love the art style and the animation, and there really isn’t anything I dislike about the anime visually.


Something I did dislike about the series were the openings. The first was alright but I really didn’t like the second. I never got into the first opening due to the misheard lyrics, which I couldn’t unhear. So I would just be reminded of the weird lyrics every time I listened to it.

The second I don’t really remember, but I just know I didn’t like it.


There weren’t too many characters to remember, so I remembered all their names. Their names weren’t too difficult to remember either. One thing I hate about some anime is when there are too many characters and I struggle with remembering their names. I only remember really unique names or if I really like the anime.


Another negative is the ending. I like it, but I would hate it if Taiga never returned. I was so annoyed when she disappeared. She almost sunk my ship, which would have only made me hate the ending completely. I like my ships to sail.

Although, I can’t hate Taiga. She’s too cute.


The only character I hated was Ami. I never liked her, and I never will. She’s just so fake and extremely unlikeable.


This anime also has plenty of serious and light-hearted moments, which is a combination I love. While some topics covered are very serious (like Ami being stalked and Taiga’s relationship with her parents), it’s not all serious and negative. It counteracts those moments with funny scenes.


In addition, it ends nicely too. It doesn’t leave us on a cliffhanger and ties up all loose ends. So I didn’t feel disappointed at all.


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