Since anime is quite popular, it will obviously have quite a few different types of fans. During my time of being an anime fan, I’ve encountered a lot of different anime fans.

The most common fan is the ‘Otaku’. These fans know a lot about anime and have seen a lot of different anime shows. This type of fan is my favourite, mainly because I fall into this category, so I enjoy talking to them a lot more than others. They may also own a lot of merchandise, as well as box sets and manga.


Next is the ‘Cosplayer’. These fans cosplay a lot, and most likely will have an Instagram account to show off their cosplays of their favourite characters. These fans are very common at anime conventions, as they most likely wouldn’t pass on an opportunity to cosplay. Cosplayers work really hard on their outfits, some make them whereas others buy them, as well as they spend hours testing the cosplay and making any changes to it. They tend to be very good at makeup too.


The next is the quiet fan. They keep their love for anime to themselves, and may even go to great lenghts to hide it from everyone else. The only time they might talk about anime is on forums or with friends who also like anime. They most likely don’t own any anime merch, and if they do it’s very well hidden from everyone. These fans try to keep their love for anime very secret, even if it means lying to a lot of people.


Another anime fan type is ‘weeaboo’. They’re not just into anime, but they’re into everything that’s related to Japan. These are typically hated by other anime fans, as well as non-anime fans. They’re the sort of person to learn Japanese from anime and pronounce everything badly (generally). They may also be seen walking around looking like their favourite characters or wearing Japanese fashion. These fans may also be known as Wapanese.


A ‘wannabe’ anime fan is someone who tries really hard to be seen as cool by other anime fans. These tend to go as far as lying about the anime they’ve seen, as well as how many episodes they’ve watched. They get characters names wrong most of the time, and sometimes they don’t even both to name them. These fans are most likely trying to impress someone. They’ll brag about the anime they’ve seen and make it sound like they’ve watched a lot, when in reality they have most likely seen the first episode of Naruto and a little bit of Pokémon when they were growing up.


The ‘popular’ anime fan will only watch anime that’s popular. They’ll say it’s the best show ever and get really butthurt if someone says otherwise. Their favourite anime may be Sword Art Online, or Attack on Titan. These fans are convinced that nothing will be as good as their favourite, which is probably why they don’t try watching other anime.

However, this anime fan has another side. The ‘nice popular’ anime fan will only watch popular anime, except they accept other’s opinions on it. They don’t act butthurt when someone insults their favourite, and they accept that not everyone likes it. However, they probably haven’t gotten around to watching more unknown anime.


Is there an anime fan that is the opposite of a ‘popular’ anime fan? Yes. They’re called the ‘hipster’ fan. They have no interest in anything but the unknown anime series. If a series has gained too much popularity online, they’ll go out of their way to either hate it, or brag about how they watched it before it was popular. They’ll also brag about all the unknown anime series they’ve seen.


Finally, the last type of anime fan is the ‘newbie’. They’ve just started watching anime and they’re super excited about it. They’ll want to talk about it all the time to their friends and will keep expressing their love for anime. Chances are, they’ll start out watching the popular anime and could turn into any of the above anime types. Also, they most likely will seem like a weeaboo, but they’ll probably grow out of this after a while.


What type of anime fan are you? Is there any type I missed out? Leave a comment below!