I haven’t been playing Warframe for that long, but when I have noticed several types of players when I’ve been trying to trade. From those that don’t leave me alone, to those who are asking for way too much in return for their items. So here’s my list of different players I’ve encountered when trading.

First of all is a player who will ask to trade to then only shove their items in your face. Which, in my opinion, is entirely unnecessary because above their head is what their selling the and option to trade. So why they shove their items down my throat, I don’t know. I’m sure I’d ask to trade if I was actually interested in their items. It’s not like their interested in what I’m selling either, they’re just interested in Platinum and nothing else. The majority of the time they’re asking for far too much, considering what they are selling. These players are incredibly annoying, especially when I’m trying to sell my unwanted Prime pieces.

The next is the player who asks for thousands of Platinum for their Prime Warframe, whether it’s just the blueprint of the full set. The thing is, I’m not joking. These players are annoying. No, normal players don’t have thousands of Platinum, and everyone else is selling their Prime sets/Pieces for a lot cheaper. Maybe lower your expectations and try a cheaper price.

The next type of player is one who is not open to offers whatsoever. They want 150 Platinum for their Prime set, no less. Of course they’d happily accept more, however. They won’t even accept any items of equal value. If you’re not offering Platinum, then they’re not interested.

Which then leads me on to the next type of trader, these are incredibly generous and will take offers, within reason (however, some are clearly very new to the game and will accept very little Platinum for their Prime set). If you don’t have enough Platinum, they’ll happily accept what you have and then items to make up for the price, or just items that are of equal value. (This type is my favourite).

The second to last type of player is the one that will harass you for trades, no matter how many times you say you’re not interested. It won’t be for just one day either, it will be whenever they spot you in Maroon’s Bazaar. However, this type is rare and you should only encounter one at a time.

And finally, the last type is the one who runs around and just looks. Chances are they won’t offer anything nor will they buy/trade anything. They’re just browsing, probably due to being out of trades for the day.

So what type of player did I miss? Leave a comment below!