I started reading Untouchable a year or two years ago. I read it when there were only 30 chapters. This is going to be a spoiler-free review. Untouchable currently has 137 English chapters and 138 Korean chapters (the English release is one week/one chapter behind the Korean release). I think there are two more English chapters left, because I read the latest Korean one and translated the last line which said ‘next epilogue’ (I used Google Translate).

Untouchable is about vampires, but instead of drinking blood they have to have physical contact with humans so they can absorb their energy. Sia is a vampire, and she meets Jiho, a human who is terrified of touching others. Desperate to taste his energy, she begins to try to cure his mysophobia so she can touch him.

The art for this manhwa is beautiful. It’s wonderfully drawn and the colours look very nice. I rate it a 10/10.

The story is very unique, and it has been so gripping. Sometimes chapters have been left on cliffhangers and I’ve been desperate to read the next one. It’s the only manhwa/manga I’ve read for so long. I rarely stick to an ongoing series, especially if it’s a long one. I forget to read the latest chapter and never get back into it. But I’ve been reading every new chapter since chapter 30. The ending, from what I can tell, is going to be very good and it’s not anti-climatic in anyway. A little bit predictable, but it’s still good. I rate the story a 9/10.

I love all of the characters. Especially Jiho and Sia, they’re perfect for each other. They have really good chemistry and I haven’t wanted a couple to be together as much as I want them together in a really long time. Every character is unique, and so many have backstories that are really intriguing. Everything has been well thought out. I rate the characters a 10/10.

I’m secretly praying that there’s a TV series for this at some point, I’d definitely watch it. I’m really sad that it’s coming to an end, since I love Untouchable a lot. I’m excited to see what the author has planned for the future and I’m really hoping they create another webtoon.

Have you read Untouchable? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!