Anime characters only capture the hearts of the viewers if they have the perfect qualities that every girl wants in her partner. Why I like Usui best is because he is the perfect guy you can dream of, and has so many amazing qualities. I am so addicted to this character because as an Otaku, I do not have a social life, though I do have a love life NOW, but when I first watched it, I was single & waiting for the guy of my dreams, who is exactly like him!


Why Usui Is Everyone’s Favorite?

There are so many qualities that make him the perfect character of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama and the best guy I have ever seen in an anime. He makes the anime fun to watch, and I think everyone would agree with me that he actually makes the anime worth watching!

  • He’s Funny!!! 

    He makes jokes and annoys the hell out of Misaki. His jokes are always so funny and so darn cute that you would definitely scream! i was unable to control over my laughters and started laughing at the mid night because I always watch anime in the night (to have anime-like dreams).

  • He’s Caring!The best one at caring award goes to, USUI TAKUMI! He’s so darn cute and so caring that he makes Misaki comfortable no matter how she reacts and how she feels. His actions shows how obsessively caring he is towards her. He shows all the affection that he could to her, and make her feel special all the time!
    • He’s Possessive!Yeah! He’s one hell of a possessive boyfriend! Nobody can mess with her girl! Plus, he stalks her, so nobody can make trouble for her, anyways!!


  • He’s Intelligent!He is a Nerd! He’s genius and handsome and everything! He is the best one among all the anime boys. I know most of the people thing Kei Takishima is the best one, but I don’t know. I found both of them the best characters of the animes. But, I found Usui the best! Sorry Kei! I love you too <3
  • He’s Romantic!The stalker, who is obsessed with his girl! Yeah, you heard me right. I think majority of the people from Otaku Kingdom have seen this anime and will agree with me, that Usui is the most wonderful character. He just loves Misaki so much that I want to be in her place when he looks with those angelic eyes! Gosh! He is so romantic & Absolutely beautiful!
  • He’s Sporty!Girls love boys, who are sporty! I don’t know why all those anime characters are so perfect! Usui is also sporty and is actually very good at it. You can definitely see that from the episodes where there is a sports week.

He’s HOT 

Without a DOUBT, he is super hot! The reason why I prefer him over Kei Takishima is, Usui is actually super hot, and Kei is not that much hot! Though Kei has a beautiful face and he does not need anything more, BUT Hey! Usui is the best!!!

So guys, what do you think about my love Usui? Is there anything else you want to add? Add in the comments and we will talk about him there! Cheers to all the Otaku!!!