Korean comics or manwhas are quite popular in the anime community. Even though their origins don’t stem from Japan, they produce series with equal or even sometimes better than what some Japanese manga can produce. The bottom line is we need adaptations for these series. Similar to how light novels and manga get anime adaptions, manwha’s should receive the same treatment. There are many series which animation studios could make some big bucks off of

There are already some prelimanry adaptations of certain manwha’s like the animated version of Noblesse, which is amazing and on point. The manwha was adapted by Production I.G studios and was voiced by Japanese actors despite being a Korean manwha. It was still amazing none the less.

We need even more adpation of these series. Studios can make big bucks out of big titles like Girls of the Wild, The Breaker, The God of Highschool and many more. We need them badly. I’m sure that these adaptations will provide anime fans with a completely new genre of animation with amazing stories and great characters.