If you watch anime, then you’ve most likely heard the term ‘weeaboo’ be thrown about the anime community. So what is exactly is a weeaboo?

The word ‘weeaboo’ is commonly missused, as many people believe it just means someone who watches anime, or they throw it around not really knowing what the definition is. One common mistake some people make is calling someone who’s Japanese a weeaboo (TheAnimeMan for example), which makes no sense since they can’t be a weeaboo.


A weeaboo is anyone who believes they are Japanese, and go out of their way to act like they are, most likely speaking badly pronounced Japanese and being extremely disrespectful to the Japanese culture. They may also believe that they know everything there is to know about Japan and the culture, and at the same time act disrespectfully.

So why do people get this confused with those who watch anime?

Well, since a weeaboo is so into Japan, they tend to love anime and manga (but sometimes only stick to the most popular anime, like Naruto and Bleach) as well as Japanese music and Vocaloids. They may even go as far as dressing up as their favourite anime characters.


So what is so bad about weeaboos? Why does everyone hate them so much?

People may hate them due to them being disrespectful, or maybe they’re just annoying by adding “desu” to the end of all of their sentences. They most likely get facts wrong, which can be very irritating to those that know the right facts.

It’s also common for new anime fans to act ‘weeaboo’ like, but it doesn’t necessarily make them a weeaboo, especially if they grow out of it quickly (admit it, you acted a little weeaboo-like when you first started watching anime).


When should you call someone a weeaboo? Never. Unless you’re definitely sure that the person is a weeaboo, you may be lucky and they call themselves a weeaboo too.

I remember talking to my friends about yaoi, for another girl to accuse us of being a weeaboo. Talking about anime does not make you a weeaboo at all. There’s a big difference between being an anime fan and a huge fan of Japan.

Also, if someone is Japanese, don’t be an idiot and call them a weeaboo. It’s impossible for them to be a weeaboo since they’re Japanese, so they can’t pretend they are if they are (if that makes sense).

Although, if it makes you feel better about this topic, there’s also ‘reverse-weeaboos’ in Japan, which is a Japanese person who is extremely obsessed with America, they dress like their favourite American-celebrities, and obsess over anything America-related.


So what do you think of weeaboos? Leave a comment below!