What is so bad about mainstream anime? It receives a lot of hate, especially Naruto and Bleach which are hated on due to their high amount of filler episodes. Since I’ve been an anime fan, I’ve noticed that a lot of people won’t watch an anime series due to it being mainstream or having too many episodes.

Sword Art Online especially gets a lot of hate, but it’s very popular at the same time. From what my friends have said, it started off good but at some point in the series it became bad and they ended up disliking it.

Then some people hate it for no decent reason, they just hate it because everyone else hates it or they hate it because it’s popular.

I understand that sometimes hearing about the same thing makes people hate it, like how a lot of people hate Twilight (most of them probably haven’t even seen any of the films or read the books). So is it more of a jumping on the bandwagon kind of thing? Where it’s considered cool to hate on mainstream anime?

I personally do not hate mainstream anime, I actually love a few series that are mainstream (they’re mainstream for a reason). I won’t openly admit I love Attack On Titan due to not wanting to be immediately judged as a newbie anime fan (which isn’t the case), but I won’t hate on it. Naruto Shippuden is a good series, and I mostly enjoyed it (except for the filler), I do however hate the last hundred or so episodes of Naruto due to it being flashback after flashback, sometimes flashbacks being repeated several times. Which, in my opinion, is really annoying.

I love Bleach and the only thing I hate about it is the filler, but it’s a good series and I would definitely recommend it.

With most things, not everyone will like it, so of course some people are going to dislike a series. Like how I dislike the Haruhi Suzumiya series. It’s the same with everything.

If you think about it, mainstream anime is mainstream because people like it, so it must be decent or worth watching. But with everything, it’s okay to dislike it as it may not be for you.

However, this doesn’t mean that non-mainstream anime is bad. It just may have aired when another really good anime aired, so it wasn’t as hyped up. I’ve seen some really good anime that none of my friends have seen. I know one person who has seen Mawaru Penguindrum and it’s a really good anime.

Overall, an anime being mainstream doesn’t mean it’s bad. It actually means the opposite (unless everyone talks about it because it’s bad). So instead of joining what everyone else believes, maybe try watching it and think of your own original opinion of the series and be unique.

What do you think of mainstream anime? Leave a comment below!