Yo-kai watch is the sensation that swept Japan and overthrew Pokemon a few years back. Last year it came to the states and this year we are getting the sequel games; Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls. So what is this whole craze about?


The story starts off when Nate/Keita finds a stone Gachapon machine in the forest and puts a coin in it when it makes strange noises. The Gachpon Machine gives him a capsule that releases your Yo-kai butler Whisper from within. Whisper then gives you the Yo-kai Watch and agrees to assist you on straightening out the trouble of neighboring Yo-kai.


Yo-kai are mysterious beings that cause trouble wherever they go. They cause everything from break-ups to people winning the lottery.  If you can think of it then there’s a Yo-kai for it.  There’s even a Yo-kai that makes you instantly have to break out in dance named Wigglin. Thanks to these creatures the version of Japan they reside in gets itself into plenty of messes caused by the various creatures.


The Yo-kai unlike Pokemon, however, can’t be seen and caught by everyone. You have to use a Yo-kai Watch and look through its lens to spot the mysterious creatures. They also can’t be caught, so you have to convince them to befriend you.


One you befriend a Yo-Kai you get a medal that if put in your watch can summon your new friend to you. If the Yo-kai are summoned they will generally help you out or even battle other Yo-Kai for you. In both the anime and games, it is shown that some Yo-kai  are harder to befriend than others.


There are also a lot of  Yo-kai you befriend through helping out like the mascot Jibanyan, and TattleTell. These Yo-kai will send you on quests, that once completed earns you their medal so you can summon them for help in the future.


Through these Yo-kai you will go on adventures to stop boss Yo-kai that are causing mass chaos through town. Just don’t get caught in Terror time which drags you into a dream world full of angry Ogres.

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