There are so many anime series, many of them are good and many are bad. So what does make a good anime?

Story is probably the main thing which determines whether an anime is good or not. An anime series should have a decent storyline. Think of the most popular anime, they all have unique stories and are well thought out.

However, this isn’t necessary. An anime can be still good, even if it lacks a decent story. What it lacks in story, it makes up for in other features. Such as character development, humour, good messages etc. This is commonly found in slice of life. Nichijou doesn’t have a storyline, but it makes up for it with funny scenes. Most shoujo are slice of life and lack a decent storyline but they make up for it with interesting characters.

I personally believe that animation has no part in whether an anime is good. I see it as a bonus. No matter how stunning an anime is, if I’m bored I won’t continue watching it. Some of the best anime I’ve seen with good stories and character have bad animation. Steins;Gate and Bleach for example. Bleach’s animation was awful right at the start, but it didn’t put me off from watching it.

For some odd reason, the opening does play some part in whether I see an anime as good or not. Sometimes it’s the first thing you see. If I hate the opening I’m not going to want to watch the next episode and I get put off the series. If the opening is really good, I’ll end up watching the next episode ASAP because I want to hear the opening. This is only a small part, as it’s only one minute and thirty seconds out of the whole entire episode.

The voice acting plays a huge part in whether an anime is good. If the characters aren’t portrayed correctly, then the wrong message is given. I’m extremely fussy with voice acting. Diabolic Lovers has the worst voice acting for the dub and sub, it was horrendous and I couldn’t make it past a few episodes. Sound is so important, and we don’t realise it.

It also depends on what genre you like as well. Anime isn’t for everyone. There’s going to be series you hate even if every other anime fan loves it. It all depends on your taste and opinion to decide whether you think the anime is good or not.

What do you think makes a good anime? Leave a comment below!