I’ve been playing video games since I was very young, and there are certain things that have always scared me. It’s not even reasonable either, since it’s not like I’m playing horror games. Even when I do play horror games, they don’t scare me as much as this does.

Randomly spawning monsters.

I play Minecraft on peaceful due to how terrified of the zombies/skeletons/creepers etc. I am. Five Nights At Freddy’s I’m fine with, give me any horror game and I’m fine. Yes, I’m scared but I’m having fun.

I can’t have fun when there are randomly spawning monsters. The monsters that either randomly spawn, or respawn, or they’re just there when you enter the room. I don’t know what else to call them. But basically the monsters in any Legend of Zelda game.

The only monsters I’m fine with are the ones that don’t move, because I can run away from them. Like ^ these from The Legend of Zelda. I’m fine with them. They don’t bother me. I’m not too fond of the spiders (I’m scared of spiders irl anyway), but they don’t run after me.

The weird Skeleton things that pop out at night and the redeads are not fine. I’m playing Ocarina of Time and whenever I’m making my way to the castle or wherever, and it turns night I start rolling away from them, because I’m too scared to fight them.

When I first made my way to the castle, it turned night time just as I got to the bridge. The bridge went up and then the skeletons appeared. I freaked out, of course, and started spamming B until they died and then they kept reappearing. No thank you.

Redeads are another story. I can run from them but if they scream I’m frozen and then they start walking towards me slowly, it’s enough to rage quit and hide under my covers for a few hours.

No. I hate them more than anything.

This irrational fear has caused me to miss out on a heart piece, all because it involves having to run past redeads. No thank you. I don’t need a heart piece that badly.

I first encountered them when I had to get the Sun Song, and I didn’t know what they were. So I ran up to one and it jumped on my back, and I was already pretty scared of them. Now knowing I can’t defeat them, I’m more scared of them than anything else I’ve encountered in a video game.

I would have thought that I wouldn’t be scared of RSM (randomly spawning monsters) by now. I’m an adult. I’ve had this fear ever since I first played Croc on the PS1 when I was very little. I couldn’t get anywhere in the game on my own because I was scared of the little red monster at the beginning. Someone else had to play or I’d run around and avoid it like the plague.

I’m too scared to go into the mines in Stardew Valley, because I’m so scared of randomly encountering a monster.

I’ve been trying to get over this fear for years, but it hasn’t worked out. I started playing The Legend of Zelda to help me overcome it, but I’m still scared of RSM. I hate them so much.

So what is something that scares you in video games? Leave a comment below!