This post will be containing major spoilers for Steins;Gate 0. So, if you haven’t been able to play through the visual novel, then I’d advise that you do that and then read this article later. This is also a theory, so it may not be correct.

It’s clearly stated that Kagari is a war orphan, which is how she ended up being adopted by Mayuri. Ever since I found that out, I wondered who her parents were. From her appearance, it’s easy to believe that Kurisu and Okabe are her parents, considering they both end up dying in the third world war.

Is this true?

She only appears in 0, and Suzuha never mentions her in the first vn. Kurisu is dead in the 0 world line, pretty much making it impossible for Kurisu to have children with Okabe.

However, whenever Suzuha went back in time to find the IBN 5100 and Okabe, she was able to jump between different world lines. Meaning, there is a chance that Kagari is from a world line where Kurisu lived and World War III still happened. It is possible that she was still running around during the first vn/anime and Suzuha never mentioned her.

Although, I find this unlikely due to Kagari’s part in 0, where she was used and brainwashed by Dr Leskinen in an attempt to get Kurisu’s memories and find vital information about time travel and time machines.

This leads me onto my next theory, what if Kagari is a clone of Kurisu? This isn’t unlikely, considering Dr Leskinen wanted someone to put Kurisu’s memory in. If this is possible, it seems likely that it’s possible to clone people. This would make her perfect to put Kurisu’s memory into.

This seems a lot more possible than Kurisu being her mother. Nothing is known about her parents, there is no details on her birth or anything like that. The perfect background for someone who’s a clone.

In conclusion, I believe that she’s a clone. It would be nice if she was Kurisu’s and Okabe’s daughter from the future, but the whole world line thing makes that confusing.

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