So who is the good guy in Death Note?

Technically it’s L, but what if you’re team Light? What if you view Light’s actions as being good, and L is obviously trying to stop that … so that would make him evil.

So say you’re Team Light. You want him to win, you want him to be God of the New World. He’s doing a good thing by killing off all the criminals, so in your eyes he’s not evil. Then L is trying to stop him, he’s preventing criminals from getting the justice they deserve. Stopping Light from doing good to the world. So in your eyes, L is evil.

But then, if you’re Team L, then L is doing a good thing by stopping a criminal from killing – even if they’re killing other criminals. Killing is still murder, and murder is against the law.

That’s what is amazing about Death Note. Depending on who’s side you’re on, the good and evil change. It’s all a matter of perspective. L can be evil; Light can be evil. It all depends on how you view the characters. You may even see them both as being good, or both as being bad.

Every character in Death Note can change (except for the minor ones like Sayu and Sachiko), they can be good or evil, all depending on what side you’re on. They may even be neither, as you take a neutral stance as the battle goes on.

The whole series can dramatically change if you switch sides.

Since the good guy is all a matter of perspective, does that mean that there is no real good guy in Death Note? Or is the good guy all a matter of opinion depending on how you view it?

The good guy, considering laws etc., is technically L. He’s the detective who puts criminals in jail. But, since Light isn’t actually killing the criminals himself, and it’s all to do with the power of the Death Note, and the people he’s killing are people who’ve committed a crime. Wouldn’t that mean that Light is the same as those who kill criminals due to them receiving a death sentence? What’s the difference?

Light is also lowering the crime rate in countries, so it can be seen that he’s doing good to the world.

So, from my point of view, they’re both good and they’re both bad.

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