Aizen is the main villain throughout the whole of Bleach. So what makes him a good villain?

Firstly, he’s incredibly selfish. He will stop at nothing to get what he desires, using anyone and anything he can to get his way. He doesn’t care who dies, as long as he achieves his goal.


He has no reason behind it at all, other than he just wants to be king. No one treated him badly to make him have this dream, he’s doing it because he wants to. There’s no ulterior motive behind it at all. He has no sad backstory, which just makes him a super evil character.

Most of all, he’s extremely clever, so it’s very difficult to figure out what he’s trying to do to stop him. It doesn’t help that his zanpakuto can hypnotise everyone, so he can control everything and get away easily.


Yes he was eventually defeated, but he wasn’t killed. It also took a whole army of Shinigami to bring him down anyway, and it took Ichigo to surrender his own powers. This ultimately makes him the best villain due to how many episodes it took, and how long timeline-wise. Especially considering how many people were trying to bring him down.

Also, his plans started way before the anime did, and the whole time things were going towards his plans. No one knew what he was up to until he revealed his plans, that’s how good he is at being evil. No one knew that he was going to betray the Soul Society (except for Shinji, he guessed).


I hate Aizen more than any other character. He’s just so evil and everything I hate. Which is why I consider him as one of my favourite villains, not because I like him, but because of how much I hate him. He killed Gin (my favourite Bleach character).

Bleach wasn’t the same after Aizen was defeated, because the majority of the series he was the main villain, so after this point it no longer felt like the anime series I loved. I just couldn’t enjoy the Fullbring Arc at all. I felt satisfied that Aizen was defeated, and maybe that would have been the better ending. If Ichigo never gets his soul reaper powers back and goes back to being normal, and the end is that Aizen was finally defeated. It would have been so much better compared to the ending.

Plus, several Bleach characters would have lived if the Quincy arc never happened… let’s be honest.


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