We all know that one pivotal decisions that we have to make everytime we start up a new game of Pokemon. What starter to choose. With the release of Pokemon Go, we are once again faced with that choice. And I assure you for many people that choice has always been the same, Charmander. How could you ever go wrong with picking a small flaming lizard that can evolve into a badass dragon? But seriously, Charmander is the best starter to pick, not only because of its awesome design in comparison to a water fountain turtle and a walking plant dinosaur and here’s why.


      Let’s first compare it to Bulbasaur, which really isn’t even a fair match. A fire flying type against a grass poison type, I mean really. If someone sends out a Charizard are you really going to even consider throwing out your Venusaur. It’s completely vulnerable to both flying and fire types. What is the move that Charizard is well-known for, Flare Blitz. With an 120 power level and a 100% accuracy, it’s a move that can wipe the floor with Venusaur. Though it does make Charizard take half of the damage that was dealt, its indeed worth it for an awesome attack it learns on level 77. If you were to ask what move Venusaur is known for, it would no doubt be Solarbeam. This move has a huge weakness, because it is a two turn attack. One to charge up and one to fire. Venusaur learns this 120 power level move at level 53. If we do compare it, while they both have the same power, one is more effective than the other. And though Flare Blitz affects the user, it’s much better than a two turn attack like Solarbeam.  And I mean come one, Charizard is a flaming dragon that spits fire from its maw while Venusaur is just a walking flower2

       Now let us compare Charmander and Squirtle. While Charmander may have the type disadvantage, it is still the better pick.  Charmander can also learn dragon type and flying type moves which are better against fire type moves against Squirtle. Though Squirtle may have the type advantage, it doesn’t learn any electric or ground types moves which could be used against Charmander. The special move that Blastoise learns at level 60 is Hydro Pump, a move with 110 damage but only an 80% accuracy rate. While it doesn’t have any secondary effects, it is not always 100 percent accurate. Instead of using fire type moves, Charizard could easily use moves like Wing Attack or Dragon Claw, which may not be high damaging attacks but still are effective against Blastoise. And not to beat the dead horse but what would rather have a flaming dragon or a fountain turtle